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Favorite Projects of 2015


This is my personal list. You don’t agree with me? Tell me why, and provide a rebuttal.

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When I Started Fucking With Future


I can finally and honestly say this was the year I caught the Future bug. I mean I liked some of the stuff he did in the past such as guest features on Pusha T’s “Pain,” Lil’ Wayne’s “Bitches Love Me” and Young Jeezy’s “No Tears” where he handled the hooks but I never checked out his solo stuff.

Then, 56 Nights happened.

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That Time Drake Won Me Over


I’ve never been a fan of Drake, ask anyone that knows me.

I’ve been anti-Drake since his rise to popularity. I never saw what others saw. My iTunes library has none of his music. At most, the only stuff I have from Drake is if he is featured on someone else’s record, i.e. “Fuckin’ Problems,” “In The Morning,” and “Poetic Justice.”

In fact, the only song where I didn’t mind Drake being on a song was on “I’m Goin’ In.” The only reason why I have that song in the first place is because it was featured on Young Jeezy’s Trappin’ Ain’t Dead mixtape. Honestly, I thought Drake’s verse was cool. His flow was dope. However, I never seek out his music.

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2015 in Review – Intro


Hi all, 2015 is almost over, so it’s time to reflect on the year that was.

A lot of things happened in the world this past year ranging from politics to world conflicts to less scary stuff such as films, this year was full of it all.

Although more important things occurred this year, let’s focus on music.

A lot of music was released this year including multiple projects from big time artists such as Game, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Drake as well as buzzing artists like Future and Fetty Wap. A few artists dropped their debut albums that I thought were dope. Heck, even some of my favorites artists—Joe Budden and The Alchemist—dropped albums this year. There was something for every type of rap fan.

Throughout the month of December, I will be posting some of the highlights of the year, ranging from my favorite songs of the year to things that surprised me or caught my interest.

Let’s get to it!


(Photo Credit: Future’s Instagram)