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Let’s just get to it: JoeBuddenTV was revolutionary.

It was ahead of its time. No other rapper was doing the reality thing like Joe was in 2008. And Joe’s version was unfiltered and unscripted. He set trends and created controversy much like his music career. He did not shy away from expressing himself.

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If Only: Joe Budden and Alchemist

Joe Budden and Alchemist are two of my favorite hip-hop artists. One is an amazing producer while the other is a lyrical monster and beautiful and overwhelming storyteller.

If these two happen to one-day work on a collaborative project, I’d probably explode from excitement and anticipation. I mean, Alchemist already did a project that I was anticipating since the inception of the idea, so if this happen, it would probably be too much to handle.

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Welcome to Joe Budden Week 2017!

In honor of the man’s birthday this Thursday, I’ve decided to dedicate this week and some days next week, to the man by delivered several different blog posts about him and his craft! Many people on the Internet and outside of it do not know how talented he is, they refer to “Pump It Up” as their go-to comment, but I am here to show that Joe Budden is more than! Hopefully these posts change your view on him.

(Photo Credit: Joe’s Instagram)