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Why “Inseperable” is Joe Budden’s Best Song

New annual series where I talk about a record and try to make a claim for it being Joe’s best record.

I know “best” is subjective but if it can be nearly universally recognized as a great, dope record than that gives it some merit to join the “best” category for that artist.

This record deals with relationships: those with your friends/peers, parents and significant others. Three big verses but none quite as powerful as the second one.

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Best of Joe Budden: Slaughterhouse “Y’all Ready Know”

This record is fire, that Slaughterhouse and DJ Premier chemistry is off the charts! I wished they had done more records together or something in the sense of what Prhyme is.

This is what was expected from Slaughterhouse: collaborations with rap’s best to help highlight some of the best rap lyricists.

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Joe Budden – Stream King

Before the Instagram lives, Facebooks lives and Twitter lives, (lives as in live video) there were other social media platforms that had the idea. Sites like Ustream and Blog TV dedicated themselves to offering that service.

Joe, always in tuned with the Internet, was on the forefront of rappers that welcomed the new straight to consumer platform. Shit, Joe has been talking to his fans since forever. Just listen to “Sing For The Moment” as an example.

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