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“Money Trees” — 5 Year Anniversary

Five years after Kendrick Lamar dropped his well-received major label debut good kid, m.a.a.d. city, a couple things remained the same.

Kendrick, just like back then, is on top of the world.

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If Only: Joe Budden and Alchemist

Joe Budden and Alchemist are two of my favorite hip-hop artists. One is an amazing producer while the other is a lyrical monster and beautiful and overwhelming storyteller.

If these two happen to one-day work on a collaborative project, I’d probably explode from excitement and anticipation. I mean, Alchemist already did a project that I was anticipating since the inception of the idea, so if this happen, it would probably be too much to handle.

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Spectacular, Yes!: How I Became A Dipset Fan

As a guy from California, it is surprising that I’m a fan of Dipset. Not that many people out here are fans, at least it seems. It’s rare that you find someone that wasn’t just a fan of the hit radio singles.

However, on the east coast, Dipset was a monster. For a period, they were running New York. Shit, they were New York. It wasn’t just the core members (Cam’ron, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones) making noise, the secondary members, J.R. Writer, 40 Cal, Hell Rell, were making noise on the streets and e-streets.

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