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DOPE. – A Look Back at An Old Mix CD


I was cleaning my desk area and found a bunch of old mix CDs. Remember those? You would buy blank CDs and put your favorite songs of the moment or nostalgic songs on a CD so you can bump in the car? Shit, I do. This was just before the aux cord was the way of the land. This was less than ten years ago!

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Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor: 10 Year Anniversary


This dropped at the start of my senior year of high school. It actually came out on my seventeen birthday. Ten years to today’s date.

He was different than the majority of rappers at the time. He was open about his religion and his faith, which made its way into his music. Also, he skateboarded. Plus, he avoided drugs and alcohol.

I found myself relating to Lupe.

We both followed different paths than our peers, me with my friends and high school classmates and Lupe with his fellow rappers. I wasn’t into the partying, drinking or smoking as other seniors were. In fact, you could’ve said I was straight edge. That sounds weird especially for American seniors.

Lupe was coming off his dope Fahrenheit 1st and 15th mixtape series and an ever doper guest appearance on Kanye West’s “Touch The Sky.” He had a buzz. I knew he was going to be successful after his debut dropped.

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Game – One Blood (Remix) – Ten Years Later


With this year being the ten-year anniversary of Game’s sophomore album, The Doctor’s Advocate, I decided to go back and check on the monstrous remix to the album’s single, “One Blood.”

The remix had 23 verses from 25 different rappers—24 rappers plus a new Game verse.

When the song came out and I downloaded the song, the file name said it all:


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Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 2 – 10th Anniversary


What can I say about this album mixtape except for it impacted my life the heaviest, deepest and hardest.

You know, just what a mixtape normally does.

The mixtape—you could call it an album—was amazing. I’m not exaggerating or overselling it. It was indeed that.

Ten years later, and I still find this mixtape to be that great.

Fun Fact: It’s its tenth anniversary because I remember it leaking on this day. Do some research if you don’t believe me.

It featured Joe Budden at his best.

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I Love “I Got A Love”

I always liked this song.

The beat is fucking dope.

That’s probably why I’ll never forget this song. The drums are insane. Like really, really insane, out of this world. It’s hard as fuck. It’s loud too. Sometimes I have to lower the volume on the MacBook or in the car because I feel like the speakers are going to get destroyed. But I always return to the knob or button and increase the volume because this beat is way too dope to not listen to at a high volume level. The violin is beautifully intertwined. It’s melodic. It’s amazing. The beat is simply: heavenly.

It wasn’t until I heard Sandman of the Re-Up Gang (Clipse, Ab-Liva and Sandman) destroy it on the dope We Got It For Cheap Vol. 1 mixtape, that I considered it to be really dope.

Therefore, I’ll never let this song die, EVER!

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