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Funkee Phlavaz – Episode 2


Last year, I highlighted episode 1 after fellow (great) writer Jeff Weiss brought this gem to the 21st century. He indirectly gave it a second breath.

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Funkee Phlavaz – Episode 1


Six months ago, I stumbled across a goldmine.

Back in the 90s, a small hip-hop show, Funkee Phlavaz, aired on public access television. Now one might think, New York or Los Angeles would be base to this program but it’s not. That honor goes to the city of Beverly Hills.

That’s right, a city where the demographics are the opposite of what hip-hop was/is. Additionally, it was produced and put on by Beverly Hills High School.

That in itself is fascinated.

But what’s more interesting is the teenager that hosted the premiere episode. His name was Al, known as Mudfoot, a member of The Whooliganz. Now he’s better known as The Alchemist, someone whose music I sort-of like.

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