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Nelly and Alchemist

One day I was casually scrolling through The Alchemist’s Wikipedia page, when I clicked on his production discography. I must have been looking for backup for a certain song when I stumbled across the year 2004. Mobb Deep’s Amerikaz Nightmare dropped that year, which I was bumping back then. Plus, Alchemist had credits on both Jadakiss’ sophomore album, Kiss of Death, and Snoop Dogg’s latest effort, R&G. Neither of these production credits surprised me.

I scrolled a bit further down and saw Nelly’s name.

I was dumbfounded.

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Alchemist and Jay Worthy – Fantasy Island

This project came out of nowhere. I definitely was not expecting another soft-rock inspired project from Alchemist. In fact, I thought the complete opposite. I thought he was done with that phase when he dropped the amazingly dope Yacht Rock EP.

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Welcome to Alchemist Week 2018

Welcome to my annual weeklong dedication to The Alchemist that doubles as a celebration of the man’s birthday (October 25th).

It’s been five years since I started dedicating a week/more than a week to Alchemist and each year my fondness for him grows. He might be the G.O.A.T. producer in rap when he decides to stop making records. He already is my G.O.A.T producer.

As Alchemist continues producing in his early forties, his productivity does not stop. His output is impressive. In fact, it keeps increasing, as new collaborative EPs, instrumental albums and other side projects are becoming the norm. The man is a machine and he does not stop. Even with this much material, I, and many other fans, still fiend for more music. It’s insane.

Enough of the chit chat, hopefully you enjoy the content, as I do creating/thinking of it.

And happy g day to Alchemist.