ATL: Ludacris – Blow It Out

I think a lot of rap fans forget that Ludacris can rap. Once he went to Hollywood and landed a spot in a multi-billion dollar franchise, he slowly stopped rapping, only popping up here and there. Who can blame him?

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Welcome To The ATL – An Intro

Atlanta and rap, these two might not be the first city that you think of when you think of rap, like New York City and Los Angeles, but it should. Atlanta has easily been the most consistent region city in the past fifteen years.

Atlanta withstood the dominance of New York City and their mixtape scene, and remained relevant during the West Coast resurrection. Briefly right after those two periods, it was Atlanta’s turn to dominant.

And it’s yet to release its grip on rap since.

The consistency of Atlanta music is still here in the present. Except for a few months during that fifteen years span, ATL has remained at the top for almost that entire run. It’s hard to pinpoint a stint in that period where their output started diminishing. If one rapper started losing some buzz or interest, another one would pop up and deliver something great, creating a revolving door of consistency.

ATL has had the hottest artist of the moment and the hottest song of the moment numerous times, and together as well, numerous times. Migos is a current example to that bold claim, and it just occurred last year as “Bad and Boujee” was blowing up.

The city is full of rappers from different backgrounds, all with different styles, as corny as that sounds. A few might share a similar style but each is able to tweak it and make that style his own, a reinvention of sorts.

The reason for this upcoming series of blog posts is to highlight the greatness of the Atlanta rap scene. These upcoming posts feature dope songs by a variety of artists, including a R&B singer, who I simply couldn’t keep off the series.

Some records in this series will be singles but the majority of them will not be, which I strategically did. Most of these records chosen could be considered “b-sides” but regardless of the terminology, they are all dope.

Enough of chit chat, and please enjoy my homage to the great city of Atlanta.

(Photo Credit: Jeezy’s Instagram)