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Welcome to Alchemist Week 2017

I started this little project four years ago with a goal of just celebrating the man and his music. Four years later, I’m still continuing it. The planning, the thought and the execution of it, is fun and I look forward to it each year.

Alchemist is an inspiration.

He does multiple things at once that I have no idea how he juggles it all. I mean it would be easy to do if nothing ever got accomplished but he’s a workhorse and delivers new projects in a moderate turn around.

Although I can’t wish him a happy birthday in person, this week long series of content in a way is a happy birthday to the man behind some of my favorite records as well as the title of my favorite producer.

Let’s get to it!

(Photo Credit: Alchemist’s Instagram)


If Only: Joe Budden and Alchemist

Joe Budden and Alchemist are two of my favorite hip-hop artists. One is an amazing producer while the other is a lyrical monster and beautiful and overwhelming storyteller.

If these two happen to one-day work on a collaborative project, I’d probably explode from excitement and anticipation. I mean, Alchemist already did a project that I was anticipating since the inception of the idea, so if this happen, it would probably be too much to handle.

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