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Music Discovered in 2018, Pre-2018: Game – Bloody Moon

As the year comes to a close, you begin to see content related to the best “x” of 2018 everywhere.

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with that. I, in fact, am working on my own best of material at the time of this writing. Reminiscing on the past year is fun but it can become repetitive and exhausting. That’s why I decided to add some flare to the year-end lists. I already stay away from the typical best albums of the year and instead focused my attention to individual records.

In 2018, the music was overwhelming.

A lot of great music was released this year from the very beginning (Evidence’s Weather or Not) through today, that it was hard to listen to everything. It was easy for something to fall through the cracks. I am guilty of that but I did listen to a nice amount of music this year.

While I am currently working on my best of year-end lists, I decided on a side project a while back. I thought it’d be cool to listen to old music I never got around to, and identify those that I thought were interesting.

I was going to write down music I’d come across that was:

  1. Dope,
  2. Released prior to this year, and
  3. Not previously heard by me.

With an iTunes library of over 25,000 songs, I knew I was bound to find something I had not heard that I would love.

I put a bunch of stuff on my iPad and hit shuffle on the thousands of songs on there. Over the course of a few months, I had developed a small sample size of songs that I genuinely enjoyed.

Now, please find below one of those records I recently discovered that is dope.

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Featuring Game

Game is an underrated rapper, at least in my opinion. He has the portfolio that rivals others. He has a classic album with The Documentary, he has numerous dope albums, in which none are necessarily wack, and he can definitely rap. Usually there’s a smudge on a rapper’s record but I don’t think Game has one.

When he came out he was on fire. He was delivered great verses left and right. He was aligned with G-Unit and Dr. Dre and made great music with them. He then got “kicked out” of G-Unit, and survived, handling his own in the post-friendship beef.

Shit, he was hailed as the savior of West Coast rap for a minute.

Regardless, of the period of his rap career, Game has rap consistently all these years. Below are just a few records he has destroyed his guest appearance.

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Game – One Blood (Remix) – Ten Years Later


With this year being the ten-year anniversary of Game’s sophomore album, The Doctor’s Advocate, I decided to go back and check on the monstrous remix to the album’s single, “One Blood.”

The remix had 23 verses from 25 different rappers—24 rappers plus a new Game verse.

When the song came out and I downloaded the song, the file name said it all:


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