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Featuring Jeezy

Jeezy is dope, point blank.

When he came out, it was refreshing. His entire style was unique. His sound was monstrous. Shit, you can say that the sound he had helped birth a sub genre in the electronic music genre.

His first album is a classic. His second album was dope. His third album was great too.

His coke raps are dope, pun intended.

His ad-libs are legendary.

He was hot.

He appeared on many records in his first few years as a mainstream rapper, delivering many memorable verses in these features.

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On It: The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102’s 10-Year Anniversary


Young Jeezy delivered an amazingly dope debut album. Not only was Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 banging, it was inspirational. Jeezy was a motivational speaker that provided hope to all.

As a true dopeboy, Jeezy shared the life of the streets, shining light on his former life. The streets could relate to his music. Unintentionally, Jeezy’s music was relatable to those not in the streets: like myself.

Jeezy ended up becoming one of my favorite artists.

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Young Jeezy – Let’s Get it: Thug Motivation 101 – 10 Year Anniversary


This album is a modern-day classic.

It’s not spectacular lyrically but who says that’s part of the criteria for a classic album, especially in today’s time?

The album is banging. You could play it straight-through. There isn’t a skippable track on here. Each song has something about it that makes you not skip it.

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Young Jeezy – Stay Strapped


Jeezy tried to end Gucci Mane’s career. It’s one of my favorite disses ever! And one of my favorites tracks from the Snowman.

Although, a version with solely Jeezy exists, I didn’t hear this song until it was released on Game’s second mixtape aimed G-Unit, Ghost Unit. This version included Long Beach rapper Techniec, who I was fucking with at that time.

Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but power-up to “gangsta mode.” I start reciting the lyrics as if I’m Jeezy going after Gucci. I feel invincible as I rap line-by-line. I start gesturing. I start doing things with my hands. I make up invisible guns and pull the triggers. And I can’t help but join in on the adlibs Jeezy made famous/his own.

Don’t judge me.

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