Int’l Players Anthem: 10-Year Anniversary

It’s been ten years since UGK collaborated with two other legendary duos to release this classic record.

Three 6 Mafia provided the Texas natives the perfect beat for them and Outkast to showcase their rapping talent.

One of my earliest memories of this song was during my time in San Diego for college. I was at a sports bar with a few friends. Somehow one of them made their way towards the jukebox and selected this record. The record came on and I saw people rocking out to it. The beat is infectious. It’s catchy. It’s a record that you can’t help but have fun to.

Pimp C lived up to his name and approached his verse in true pimp/player fashion. His imagery was top notch as I pictured everything he was rapping about.

Bun B verse was ill. During the first part of his verse, the beat switches with the inclusion of claps. He perfectly matched his flow in the first part of his verse with the change in the beat. He rode the beat to oblivion. His breakdown of letters and numbers at the end of his verse capped it off wonderfully.

Big Boi’s flow was dope too. He kills it with his smooth delivery. His reference to Paul McCartney’s expensive divorce fit the song’s theme well as Big Boi sounds like he isn’t to fond of the idea of marriage especially since it can end like Sir Paul’s. That “eating good” line at the end was a great ending to his verse.

All three of them did a great job but Andre 3000 was just another monster. His verse was amazing. The wordplay was incredible. His delivery was smooth and nonchalant.

He’s both gentle and apologetic with his words as he lets the women in his life know that he has decided to settle down, the opposite of Pimp C’s verse. Andre 3000 believes its time for him to differentiate himself from his friends (players).

In short, Andre 3000’s creativity shines all over this guest verse, as he reminds us why he is one of the greats.


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